Who's behind greenroots.com?    
  It's me, Tessa Allen.
Greenroots is where a love of gardening, plants and working with the soil combines with a sense of fun and the buzz of meeting fellow gardeners.

I have been gardening for over 33 years, and lecturing in the subject for a little less. I have been running my own garden maintenance business for all this time, and am still learning about what works and what doesn't,

...and still getting just as excited about horticulture as I ever did!

•  tessa.allen@greenroots.com to ask more questions or book a course.
 Where to find courses with greenroots.com
  Tessa Allen at Coolings.
I run a number of the courses at the Coolings Garden Centre. For more details go to www.coolings.co.uk

For full details of the Royal Horticulture Society Level 2 syllabus, please go to www.rhs.org.uk
"Welcome to Gardening Workshops where a love of gardening and thirst for knowledge come together with loads of fun".
   For full details go to www.gardeningworkshops.co.uk
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